New Raspberry Pi Arcade Project!

Hello there!
I just planned a new project, that has to be done before Christmas 2017! Yep, a Christmas present for someone very special. 3 to 4 days project.

The scope is:
– Single Arcade Controller containing Raspberry Pi (haven’t decide yet if going version 2, zero or 3), 1 Sanwa 8-way joystick, 10 Sanwa buttons, Zero Delay Keyboard Encoder, with MDF enclosure.

The Arcade Bundle I’m using was ordered from Modmypi that sells lots of material for Arcade and RaspPi related projects.

I’m playing with Sketchup and studying the Slagcoin’s joystick templates, the objective is something light, pretty (it’s for a girl), and small. Most likely I’ll go with the Japanese Layout, with 6 buttons.

It will use Retropie, and it will have only two cables coming out – HDMI for TV and USB for power supply.

Hope to post some progress very soon.