Replacing ZX Spectrum Keyboard Face-Plate

Hello Guys!

I finally decided to replace the keyboard face-plate, and do a Recreated ZX Spectrum Mod… it fits and looks gorgeous!

The Recreated ZX Spectrum has a ground wire weld to the original face-plate. I didn’t mind damaging the original one because it was already damaged (that’s why I ordered the face-plate in first place), but you should take this in account before doing the change.

Like described on my previous post, the face-plates were ordered from RetroRadionics. They took very long time to arrive (about two months), but they got here! The shop remains active, and, according to their Facebook page orders are still taking some time, but being delivered! They have several interesting products, like the OMNI 128HQ, a ZX Spectrum clone, in Desktop and Laptop versions.

The Recreated ZX Spectrum vanished from Amazon, but the official Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Console is still available – it is a real Sinclair Product, and works as a game console.

5 days ago, ZX Spectrum Next finished it’s 2nd Kickstarter Campaign with enormous success! Congrats to the team! I missed the pledge opportunity (again), hopefully I can get one on the next campaign, or buy it if they start selling the machines from their shop…

Meanwhile, I found another retro computing shop, that sells face-plates for the 48K, as well as other parts : – and they are also present at eBay UK.

Check some of their Sinclair products by clicking the image below:

The main goal of this tiny keyboard is to revisit the old school games, and for that I will use a Raspberry PI.

A nice case for the PI would be one of these (available at RetroPICases):

The case is just a detail, the most important is to setup the PI with a good Emulator, that will accept well this keyboard. I’ll search and test some of the Raspbian Emulator options available, and share with you my final setup on a next post.