WD My Cloud (home) new life

Hello Guys!

So I’ve an old WD My Cloud (home version), with only one disk (2TB capacity), that was completely forgotten due to my two Synology NAS.

It wasn’t booting anymore, so I quickly found away of removing the disk googling for it, I found a good video here.

I could recover the disk data through an USB HD Docking bought at Amazon, connected to my EEE PC 1000H with Lubuntu OS.

It mounted automatically, but I needed to change the ownership of the shared folders.

Using Terminal, I executed (change user with your linux username):

sudo chown -R user:users *

on the mounted media. And then, I got full write permissions to the shared folders with:

sudo chmod -R 777 *

After that, was just copying the files to one of the Synology NAS through FTP.

I dismounted and unscrewed everything, until I got the board out. Here is a picture of it.

wd my cloud board

This baby runs Linux, so there is a high probability of hacking the firmware and replacing the WD My Cloud GUI, that is not the best when compared with Synology’s Web Interface.

But first, I need the board to run the original firmware again, on a new disk.

On my next post I’ll show you how to write the WD My Cloud firmware to a new disk.