PI OS and MAME – Take 2

Well, the Moebius project seems stoped since a year ago, version 3.0.0.is still in beta state, no OS updates, and the latest advanceMame doesn’t install correctly because of missing libraries…

I got myself a microSD Card with 64GB, and I’m going with the latest raspbian stretch lite.

To delete Moebius, I went (in Windows 10) to Control Pannel -> System and Security -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Storage -> Disk Management (Locale), selected and deleted the volumes of the disk contained in the SD Card, and created a new volume with the whole disk space.

After that, using Win32 Disk Manager, I installed the raspbian to the SD Card.

Then connected my Raspberry PI 2 to the monitor, keyboard and my home network, inserted the new SD card, and powered on the system.

After booting I, entered the system with username=pi, password=raspberry (default login) and ran:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

This updates the whole system to the latest version.

Then ran:

sudo raspi-config

This tool easies the configuration changes on your raspberry pi.

Chose “5 Interfacing Options” -> “P2 SSH” -> “Yes” -> “Ok”, to enable SSH daemon, and do all the rest of the work with PuTTY and WinSCP.

Then went to “7 Advanced Options”, and chose “A1 Expand Filesystem” -> OK

Then, “7 Advanced Options” -> “Memory Split” -> deleted 64 and wrote 16 -> OK


“Would you like to reboot now?” -> Yes

After rebooting, logged in again (pi / raspberry), and ran


to see the current IP Address of the PI (in my case,

Then, connected though PuTTY in my Windows system, so that I can copy/paste more easily the linux commands to the RPI.

Then, downloaded advanceMame:

wget https://github.com/amadvance/advancemame/releases/download/v3.6/advancemame_3.6-1_armhf.deb

And installed it:

sudo dpkg -i advancemame_3.6-1_armhf.deb

and ran:


to create the configuration files of AdvanceMame.

Then ran WinSCP and went to “Options”->”Preferences”->”Panels”->Check “Show Hidden Files” (to display the rom path).

Done a new SSH connection to the PI with WinSCP and started copying all the 0.106 rom set, without the CHDs. The CHDs are around 41GB, and the roms 24.1GB, so my 64GB SD Card will support all the ROMs. Well done, you’d be selecting the roms you really want to play (not all of them), I’ll do a clean up later.

Copy all the roms you need to


Since a few roms were already transferred, I tested Bomb Jack:

advmame bombjack

And it works!

About 3/4 of roms left to upload, I’ll be back…


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