Configuring Raspberry Pi, booting AdvMAME and AdvMENU

Well, first idea, add a custom splash screen.

I followed the instructions at

The splash screen appears correctly, works perfectly!

Then, I ran AdvanceMenu for the first time to create the default configuration:


Got all the snapshots of the games from and uploaded them to the PI at


After that, I wanted to remove the login prompt and execute AdvanceMame automatically after boot.

Ran again:

sudo raspy-config

and went to “3  Boot Options”->”B1 Desktop / CLI” ->”B2 Console Autologin” -> “Finish” -> OK

Then rebooted the RaspPI.

This disables the login prompt, and the RaspPI will login automatically as “pi” user.

Now, I wanted to configure the PI to automatically run a mame rom at boot, and after exiting the game, run AdvanceMENU.

Without the “sudo”, I ran:

nano .profile

and at the end of the file I added two lines:

advmame pacmania


This will open pac-mania rom at boot, and when you exit the game it will run AdvanceMENU.

To disable the MAME nag screen, I edited the file:

nano .advance/advmame.rc

found the line

misc_quiet no

and changed it to

misc_quiet yes

Everything working as expected.

After this I’ll post the controls settings and connections that fitted perfectly with AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMENU for the desired setup.