Connect Logitech Wheel to AdvMAME in Raspberry PI

Hello there!

I’ve a Logitech Formula Vibration Feedback Wheel that I used to connect to my Arcade Cabinet, for playing Outrun. Will it work with AdvanceMAME’s PI? I decided to test it.

For testing proposes I used a Raspberry PI 3, with an 8GB microSD Card, raspbian stretch lite, basically following the steps presented in this post.

The Wheel is detected as a joystick, and it’s just setting the controls in AdvanceMAME for the racing games. Works great!

Outrun performs nicely on a Raspberry PI 3 with AdvanceMAME 3, on the PI 2 it doesn’t… the game is too slow and the sound is a mess. I didn’t test other MAME ports for the Raspberry PI (like MAME4All-PI, MAME2003,…), or the other versions of AdvanceMAME (1.4 and 1.6). You can find a list of MAME ports for the Raspberry PI here.

MAME4All-PI will probably run well, I tested MAME4All in Android and PlayStation Portable (PSP), it is based on MAME version 0.37b5 (you will need this rom set), and runs in almost every hardware.

In the very beginning, MAME ran pretty well on an Intel 486… after version 0.106 it needs more CPU power and more RAM, to improve emulation.