Arcade GPU and Windows 10 Upgrade

Hello guys!

My old SSD was faulty, taking too long to boot, so I bought a new Kingston SSD 240GB, and decided to upgrade the computer.

Main changes are:

  • Windows 10 Pro 64 bits (instead of XP 64 bit);
  • Saphire AMD RX560 2GB DDR5 (instead of old ATI HD 4350);
  • Latest Calamity CRT Emudriver 2.0;
  • HyperSpin instead of Maximus Arcade.
  • GroovyMame 64bit 0.211

The setup is much better, I needed to update myself a bit, mainly because of the VMMaker Super Resolutions and HyperSpin Front-End (Maximus Arcade doesn’t work with Super Resolutions).

Soon I’ll post some goodies for configuring everything, so that I can share some knowledge with the community.