Perdigao’s Arcade 1st Version (2009)

Hi Guys!

While managing my backups, I found a document that I wrote 10 or 11 years ago. At the time, with the main goal of building this site.

Well, the site is online, but my Arcade System is slightly different from the first version.

The Arcade Cabinet is now running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, better Graphics (Saphire AMD RX560 2GB DDR5), Calamity’s CRT Emu Driver, and more CPU and RAM power. All about the current setup at this post. I’m using Hyper-Spin instead of Maximus Arcade Front-End, needed because of the Super Resolutions.

Nevertheless, you might have old PCs (XP 64 compatible) and SCART TVs that still work. You can transform them into a very good core System of an Arcade Cabinet.

All software you need (Windows XP 64, Soft15Khz, MAME old versions, other referred Emulators and Maximus Arcade) is still available online.

This document contains all details needed to build the tech part of the Arcade Cabinet with Windows XP 64 bit and a SCART TV.

Some of the web links presented might not be available anymore. But, the information inside the document is still useful and sufficient to help you configuring a gorgeous Arcade System.

Please get it on the Downloads Section, and use the information to give a new life to your old PC and SCART TV.

Also check my old blog for more information about the first version of Perdigao’s Arcade Cabinet.